School Hours


School day: 8.55am to 3.15pm

Lunch: 12.15pm to 1.20pm

Drop off and pick up procedures are as follows:

  • Entry onto the Junior school site should be via the main entrance. The gates will be unlocked by 7.30am to allow access for pupils attending Breakfast Club
  • The Hill playground gate (on the footpath linking Henniker Gate) will no longer be in service and will be for emergency use only
  • Children will be able to be dropped off straight into class through the outer doors/pod doors between 8.45-8.55am.
  • Outer/pod doors will be closed following the bell at 8.55am to allow the register to be taken.
  • All children arriving late need to be checked in through the main office.
  • Parents will still be able to deliver simple messages to the child's teacher via a Teaching Assistant at the outer doors.
  • Parents/children (and visitors) arriving onto the school site from 8:55am onwards will need to buzz for authorised entry
  • Authorised entry onto the school site for end of the day pick-up will be from 3:10pm – 3:25pm – please exit the site promptly once you’ve picked up your child
  • Access onto the school site will then be restricted from 3:25pm once our clubs begin until 4:10pm to enable end of club pick-ups

Those who go home for lunch must not return before 1.15pm. 


There is a daily act of collective worship.

Whole school assembly - three times a week (10:15am Mon/Thurs and 9.00 Friday)
Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6 singing practice assembly - once a week (10:15am Tuesday or Wednesday)
Class Assembly - once a week (time varies)