7 a side football report Number 2

Match Report

On Thursday 15th of October Barnes Farm Junior School football team went to a tournament held at Great Baddow high school.

There were 2 groups of 4 teams and after the 3 games, due to the great defending from Max Smith, Thomas Brooks and Daniel Chubb plus some good saves by Harry Shelsher and some good passing by Louis Colgate, Max Bushel and also Oliver Lloyd, Barnes Farm made it through to the play-off final for 3rd place and 4th place.

This decisive game was evenly matched between Barnes Farm Junior School and Moulsham School; both teams were up for the game! It was a tight game with lots of oooh’s and aarr’s from the supporters. In the end Jay Johnson scored an amazing goal from the skill of Robert Matson and Harry Crocker and the final score was Barnes Farm Junior School won: 1- nil. At the end of the tournament Barnes Farm Junior School came 3rd out of 8 schools. We’d like to thank Mrs Vickers and Mr Finch for managing the team.

By Jay Johnson