7 a side football report Number 1

 7 a side football match Wednesday 10th October 2012

Barnes Farm Junior A team vs. Westlands Primary A team

The starting line-up for the team was:
Goalkeeper – Harry Shelsher     Defenders – Max Smith (right), Tom Brooks (left)
Midfielders -   Harry Crocker (right), Jay Johnson (left), Oliver Lloyd (centre)
Striker – Max Bushell

The game started off quite evenly but more our sided than theirs. We started to take our chances well but neither team scored. Westlands defence was stronger than their attack however still pushed forward well. At the end of the first half it ended up 0 – 0.
The start of the second half began with the Barnes Farm subs, they were Tom Brooks off and Daniel Chubb on, Jay Johnson off and Oliver Wise on lastly Oliver Lloyd off Robert Matson on. Max Bushell dropped back to centre midfield and Robert became striker. Barnes Farm started off strongest with Max Smith hitting the crossbar with a six yard header but Westlands opened the scoring with a one on one against the keeper, it was close but the Westlands midfielder slipped to the right hand side of Harry Shelsher to make it 1 – 0 Westlands.
Next to score was Harry Crocker just seconds after kick off he took one step forward to the right then smashed it from the half-way line to make it 1 – 1. Around 10 minutes later Harry Crocker was fouled three steps back from the half-way line and to take the free kick was Robert Matson he stepped up to the ball and thumped it, the ball bounced once then lobbed the keeper and slid into the top corner, 2 – 1 Barnes Farm. But shortly after Westlands scored another one on one against the goalkeeper which made the final score for the game 2 – 2.

Match report written by Harry Shelsher