Winter Fayre 2012 Pupil report

30th November 2012

Winter Fayre 2012
Year 6 Stall Report by William Griffiths, Lily Mycock and Mia Slade

On the 24th November 2012 Year 5 and 6 were battling out to find Barnes Farm’s entrepreneurs of the year. We worked at the year 6 stall and it was the busiest time ever! The bauble area of the stall was packed with people for all of the time! Even though it was hard work and very busy and not even a second to look up I really enjoyed myself, and so did all of team. We are really happy that we raised so much money and we still sold more the day after at school as everything was so popular, the money we raised could be used to decorate and upgrade the hall and other classrooms to match the ICT suite and the modern classrooms at the back of the school. If I was to set up the stall again and redo this process I would ask another member of year 6 to help out with the ordering of baubles as that was the busiest part of the stall, I would also be more prepared for the amount of advertising we would have to do as year 5 have so many posters all around the school, but all together I think we did very well and year 5 did very well too! I think this was a great experience and also I think this should continue in years to come with the year 5 and 6 stalls competing!