October 2015

1st October 2015
Whistle for the winds - Rain forest Improvisation by year 3
Year three have been using their Stave House notation to work at a piece for 
their Topic on Guatemala this half term.
Whistle for the winds is a melody written down by a European traveller in 
1962 and is an old Mayan tune.
The children looked at Clay bird  whistles made in Peru which are very 
similar to the types of Bird whistle the Mayans made . They have all had fun 
with replica whistles in class.
The children then took some topical words - they chose - Guatemala,  Tikal, 
Coco and chocolate, Santa Catalina and  Quetzal bird, and they worked out 
how to put those words into Musical Rhythm values. They formed groups of 
different percussion sounds including rain sticks and Bird whistles - each 
group improvised by playing their chosen rhythmic pattern and together they 
made this little atmospheric piece hopefully inspiring a walk in the forests 
of Guatemala.