School Council visit to Parliament November 2015

School Council visit to the Houses of Parliament

On Friday 20th November, the school council had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament in London. This was arranged with these aims in mind:

  • To learn more about the history and development of the ‘mother of parliaments’;
  • To develop our understanding of the concepts of democracy and freedom;
  • To improve what we understand by ‘British values’;
  • To be inspired to use our influence as school councillors to help improve our school, in the same way MPs should for their constituents.

The council members were accompanied by Mr McIntosh, Mrs Cato and Miss Hu, and they began their visit with a tour of parts of the building. This included central lobby, Westminster Hall and the public galleries of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. In the Commons, an education bill was being debated, showing the councillors that matters that are discussed in Parliament really do have an effect on children. The council learned a lot about how Parliament operates, who works there, how they are elected or appointed and what they do. They were also informed about Parliament’s history and the building itself. 

Following the tour, the council took part in an interactive workshop, where they learned about how individuals get their opinions heard and discussed and how these can sometimes be part of making things change for the better. Information about the four levels of government was presented and then tested by the use of personal voting pads, and the children worked in groups to role play how to lobby about important issues. 

Everyone enjoyed an informative, interesting and unique experience and it helped the council to understand the importance of their position and how they can be influential members of our school community in helping to improve school life. The councillors presented an assembly to the rest of the school about their visit, which finished by explaining to everyone how the school council works, what they do and how it can make an impact, including information about their current project of improving resources for wet playtimes.

Well done to all the councillors for their participation in the assembly and we look forward to seeing more of their work in the school this year. Please see below for photos from our visit.