Abacus online homework

Abacus Maths Homework

At Barnes Farm Juniors, we use a maths scheme called Abacus. This page will explain how Abacus can be used at home.

Abacus activities for homework

To help children make sense of and practise their maths, Abacus provides a combination of maths games, interactive activities, pupil videos and pupil worksheets, focused around an interactive pupil world where your child can earn rewards and personalise their learning. 

Abacus homework will be set regularly as it provides excellent activities that not only motivate the children but also develop their speed and accuracy when calculating mentally.  Children who do not have access to Abacus at home or who find activities set tricky will of course be supported at school to complete them.  We have an open homework club every Wednesday lunchtime, where children can sign up and come to practise their activities (maximum of 30 pupils). 

Some of the games that are allocated to the children will have a timer or countdown. If you feel this is putting too much pressure on your child, please feel free to help by typing in answers as your child calculates. This will help focus attention on the maths involved and not the computer skills. Unfortunately it is not currently possible to turn the timer off.


Using the Abacus online pupil world with your child

The Abacus ‘Pupil World’ is the place that your child will log into to play maths games, complete interactive activities and access rewards. They earn rewards by completing the games and activities that their teacher has allocated to them.

If you have access to an internet connection, your child can log into the Abacus pupil world at home with their personal login details. They can do so via a computer or tablet.


Logging into the pupil world

The Abacus pupil world is powered by a website called ActiveLearn. To log into the pupil world, your child will need to:

1. Go to www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

2. Enter their login details and click “Log in”.



School code: 976h

Once your child has logged in, they’ll arrive at the Pupil Home. Children can personalise their home screen by choosing a world. The worlds differ depending on Key Stage but include Race World, Skate World, Future World and Bug World.


“My Stuff”

This is where children can see the activities their teacher has allocated to them. They can see here how many coins each game or activity is worth before completing it.


“My Rewards”

‘My Rewards’ is where your child can go to select their rewards after completing allocated games and activities. They can also customise avatars, decorate a tree house, play games and more. The more games and activities your child completes, the more rewards they can unlock and buy.


“My Library”

This area stores all activities that have been completed by your child.  These are accessible to play anytime the child likes to improve their scores and to also, more importantly, their maths. 


Any problems

If your child is having trouble using the pupil world, help can be found in the Help Section of ActiveLearn (in the top right-hand corner of the website).

Please note: We strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers with ActiveLearn. If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, please check you have at least IE9 in order for everything to work as it should.

Any further help or questions or if any game has not worked correctly or your child has had problems accessing it, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.