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BFJS Masked Reader


You've all heard of 'The Masked Singer', the surreal and surprising singing show that asks: "Who is behind the mask?" 

Well now, for the Spring Term we have 'The Masked Reader'! 

 Some of members of staff at Barnes Farm Juniors have taken on an emoji filter whilst they read their favourite books. Your task is to have some fun guessing who is behind the mask!?!

A new video will be revealed each week during DEAR time and then revealed each Thursday within your classes celebration assembly.  

Will you be able to identify the masked reader? Let the speculation begin!

Week 1 Wk beg. 22.1.24- Toto and the Ninja Cat
Week 2 Wk beg. 29.1.24- Kids Fight Plastic

Week 3 Wk beg. 5. 2. 24- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Week 4  Wk beg. 12. 2. 24- Wonder
Week 5 Wk beg. 26.2.24- Claude on Holiday
Week 6 Wk beg. 4.3.24- Coming Home
Week 7 Wk beg. 11.3.24- I don't want to go bed
Week 8 Wk beg. 18.3.24- The Wild Robot