Y3 Info

 Start time

Parents/carers and pupils of Year 3 are allowed on site from 8.35am. Children should go straight to the classroom/pod door indicated below, where a staff member will be waiting to welcome them.


3C – Mrs Crumlish

3J – Mrs Jordan

3S – Mr Smart

Pod door (nearest pod to the Infant school)

3S external door (opposite the Barn)


Parents/carers should continue to observe the one-way system in place by walking clockwise around the school building and exit the site.

All children must be in class by 8.40am, when doors will close and the register will be taken. Anyone arriving late must enter via the office and will receive a late mark.

 End time

Parents may come onto site from 2.55pm. Please wait in the Barn playground, ensuring you maintain a distance of at least 2m from any other family. Children will come out at 3pm and we ask that you leave the site immediately.

Everyone must observe the one-way system. Some Year 5 and Year 6 PE lessons may be taking place on the Hill playground and we ask that you walk well away from the lesson area.


Pupils may bring a packed lunch or parents/carers can pay for them to have a school dinner via ParentPay for £2.20. A new menu is available to view on our website: https://www.barnesfarmjuniors.co.uk/web/school_meals/440206

 What is needed

  •          Full uniform is expected. Please ensure it is all named.
  •          PE kit is not needed in the first two days. Your class teacher will tell you what days it will be on so that the children can come in their kit on those days.
  •          A refillable, named water bottle.
  •          A healthy break time snack and personal sanitiser gel are optional. Please remember that break time snacks are not provided in the Junior School.
  •          A personal set of colouring pencils in a pencil case would be helpful but children will be given a set if they do not have their own. All other stationery will be provided.