BFJS radio

After visiting another school which had this fabulous resource, the decision was taken by Governors to invest in a radio station. There are three main aims to achieve with the radio station:
  • To further develop speaking and listening skills at the school
  • To give a real sense of purpose to our flourishing curriculum work
  • To empower the pupils to learn how to manage, run and develop a radio station
All the pupils in the school were invited to apply for the position of DJ and 37 applicants were selected. It was installed on 20th May 2016 with a day's training with Russell Prue, the station designer and all the applicants. The children took to the process like a duck to water and are busy developing their own shows to broadcast to the rest of the school.
Being a DJ is not easy and it requires careful planning, a sense of urgency and thinking of lots of things at once. You can't get flustered and have to always be thinking of where to go next. Please listen to the following examples of our work so far