School Closure



Snow Closures

The decision to close the school due to snow is never easy and can lead to frustration and inconvenience. This is especially true when you live locally and are able to walk with your child into school.

The decision to close the school largely rests on the ability to safely get sufficient teachers into school before 8:00am. Please be aware that the vast majority of teaching staff do not live in the surrounding area and have to depend upon roads being cleared enough to allow safe passage in the early morning.

In the event that the school cannot be opened, the decision to close the school will be shared with you in the following ways and as quickly as possible:


If the school is opened, please be aware that all staff may not be present and nor would we expect all the children from surrounding areas to necessarily be able to make their way into school safely. I would also like everyone to know that if the occasion arises, school registration would stay open until 10:00am to enable you to slowly and safely make your way into school and prevent potentially dangerous congestion outside the school in icy conditions.

On snowy days, the children will need wellies/boots and suitable outdoor clothes to enable them to go out and play on the field. If they are not prepared, including a change of shoes, they will be unable to go outside.