Guide to our Curriculum

Our Aims


To fulfil our mission to both inspire and educate,​ our broad and irresistible curriculum is both skills-based and knowledge-rich; it is carefully designed​ so that our children should have the opportunity​ to study areas in greater depth.


We want our children to ‘aim high and fly higher’​ so that they produce exceptional and authentic​ outcomes whilst also developing their independence,​ curiosity and creativity.


We are committed to​ enabling our children to be more successful​ learners, confident individuals and responsible​ citizens both now and in the future.


In particular we recognise the importance of enabling our pupils to gain a greater understanding of:

  • Diversity - recognising and valuing difference across our many communities, where everyone is respected for who they are
  • Possibilities – embracing enquiry and appreciating a deeper understanding of the world around them and the vast potential that lies ahead for them
  • Emotional Awareness – understanding emotions within ourselves and others.
  • Global Identity  – developing a keener sense of place and a greater pride as a result