Guide to our Curriculum


The new National Curriculum becomes effective from September 2014 and our new curriculum reflects this change.

Our Curriculum aims to enable all our pupils to become:

Successful Learners who enjoy their learning, persevere, make progress and achieve
Confident Individuals who are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
Responsible Citizens who make a positive contribution to their community

In particular we recognise the importance of enabling our pupils to gain a greater understanding of:
Diversity - recognising and valuing difference across our many communities, where everyone is respected for who they are
Possibilitiesembracing enquiry and appreciating a deeper understanding of the world around them and the vast potential that lies ahead for them
Emotional Awareness understanding emotions within ourselves and others.
How to be Successful applying the secrets of success to everyday learning

We are using the Chris Quigley Essentials curriculum as our overarching framework for coverage and assessment.

As for inspiration for coverage, the Edison Learning Connected Curriculum is our starting point for unit themes and progression.